Nov 292013

Looks like *something* survived perihelion:

Comet ISON Gets Roasted by Sun and Vanishes, But Did It Survive?


To my uneducated mind, what looks like what happened is… ISON was a rock covered in snow. As it rounded the sun, the snow flashed off, leaving just the rock. The rock, however, wasn’t pure rock, but had volatiles mixed in with it; now that the insulating snow layers have been blown off, the rock itself is starting to roast and cook out the volatiles within.

So ISON might survive as a comet, but I would guess that, compared to what it was before, it’ll be a pretty sad comet. It’ll be interesting to see how the orbit might’ve changed since the snow blew off.

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  • Siergen

    Now that the ice prison is gone, the probe’s internal systems and propulsion drive are coming back online. Soon it will be fully active, looking for its next target…