Mar 222009

Shown below are my drawings of the Martin B-68 (Top), Martin model 316 “Tactical Bomber” (middle) and Model 302 “Long Range Interceptor.”

The B-68 drawing was redrawn from Standard Aircraft Characteristics drawings, which are kinda small, so precision is not possible (source grade: 3). However, the 316 was redrawn from diagrams scanned at the Martin archive, and the 302 was redrawn from large-format drawings which I eventually got scans of (source grade for both: 5).

The Model 316 had two afterburning J-67’s, and dates from mid 1955. The 302 had four afterburning J-67s, eight Falcon missiles and 48 rockets. Fuselage length of the 302 was 1200 inches, fuselage length of the 316, 1131 inches, and dates from mid 1954.

The B-68 was described in the very first prototype issue of APR, issue V0N0, which can still be downloaded HERE. For free, ya moochers..


I created these drawings – based on actual Martin  diagrams – in support of my “US Bomber Projects” book effort and Aerospace Projects Review. If you want to see more of this sort of research and reconstruction… buy! Consume! Spend! Subscribe!!!!!

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