Oct 312013

I honestly cannot tell where these things fall on the “Goofy-To-Cool” spectrum. But being poor, I take comfort in knowing that I’ll never be faced with having to really decide.

Jet Capsule

What it is is a miniature yacht. Looks kinda like a minivan merged with a Volkswagen merged with a jetski merged with a bumpercar.

The_Jet_Capsule_089 The_Jet_Capsule_0078h The_Jet_Capsule_0022_Livello_1

It can, of course, be customized with many and varied extras. They suggest ambulance versions, water-taxi versions, ‘party boat’ versions. Here’s the one I want:


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  • Adam Holtz

    What would be the point of having two miniguns on the turret as opposed to just one? It seems you’d just be wasting ammunition faster going that route simply for the sake of an increase in hit probability.

    • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      > What would be the point of having two miniguns

      • archpeppe

        It’s cool because it is Italian, it is possible to spot the Italian merchant navy flag on the second shot….

      • Rick

        one of the best Zim episodes ever! Of course one could say that about almost all of them

    • Vance P. Frickey

      Depends on whether you want to be able to saturate a target in 2 seconds, then move on to the next contestant…

  • publiusr

    Larger lifeboats have this housed in design–but they are longer and can avoid being swamped.

    Here SOME waves can splash over the windows if the chop isn’t too rough–otherwise the water will burst through and it would flood more easily

    There are self-righting and self-bailing lifeboats out there:


  • Vance P. Frickey

    The miniguns add that little “je ne sais quoi”….