Sep 292013

Someone put together an animated video illustrating 4 Rules that could make the Star Wars franchise great again, by going back to it’s roots:

[youtube _joDNOpeWWo]

Gotta say, these all seem like good ideas.

And related, an article that expands upon this in a political direction: one of the reasons why the original Star Wars was great was because it was set in a very capitalistic universe. The arguments are sound, with numerous examples. Contrast that to the world of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where mankind has been conquered by and subjugated to a socialist “utopia,” where ambition is beaten down and only the elites in Starfleet get to travel around.


Of course, if you want great Star Wars but can’t wait for the movies, Lego has you covered:

[youtube 7Utcy2EaOaI]

Seriously. This is some damned funny stuff right hyar. “That is a subject of some debate.”

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    I predict lens flares for Star Wars VII.

  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized
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  • Donut Argh

    Even with the supposed capitalistic leanings, Star Wars was vile escapism which raised the expectations of generations of youth with regard to technological progress and jaded them and made them discount real world events.

    Lucas should have remade Disney’s Man in Space: and Man and the Moon:

    I especially like how Man and the Moon raises the possibility of finding alien artefacts in our solar system. There’s some real McGuffinite right there, and it could have inspired legions of kids to start fiddling with Satellite Toolkit instead if fantasizing about Imperial StormMasturbators.