Sep 212013

A one-off vehicle being sold on eBay by builder Michael Vetter:

0212 Other Makes ETV

Buy it now for $100k. I think its off-road capabilities might be limited, however.

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  • Bruce

    Looks like something out of a science fiction story or something about the future.

    • publiusr

      Speed bumps will eat that thing alive.

  • Herp McDerp

    I don’t particularly care for the ripples on the side or the corrugations on the roof. And that windshield would seem to give the driver lousy visibility.

    How much space under that shell do the front wheels have when the car turns? Or do the wheel covers pivot when the wheels do?

    • Rick

      it’s a Chevy HHR underneath. The body kit is so wide that there is room for the wheels to turn full lock and not contact the bodywork.

      IIRC this “car” is actually larger than my dad’s mid 90’s K2500 Suburban.