Aug 302013

The Daily Mail has an article on what are claimed to be the 50 funniest one-liners in humor history:

Blow-up clogs, Renaissance toast … and Kevin Bacon: Vote reveals the 50 funniest one-liners ever

Now, if you’re like me, your response to most of these “jokes” is nothing but an unamused blank stare. Any list of “best one-liners” that does not have a shotgun blast of Groucho Marx and Steven Wright and Rodney Dangerfield is clearly a list composed by people who do not understand *good* humor.

Fortunately, the fine folk at Fark came to the rescue with a thread that actually does have a lot of the worlds best one-liners.

And for the polar opposite of “one-liner,” may I present:

And while not exactly one-liner-related, a discussion of humor cannot go by without mention of Foster Brooks:

[youtube yACWE3CzmYQ]

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