Aug 292013

There are days that suck, and then there are days that really, really suuuuuck. Yesterday was the former; today, the latter.

I spent three days driving 1,300 miles while feeling very under the weather. Got into town yesterday, and step one was a visit to the doctor who pronounced “pneumonia.” If you’ve ever had it, you know it saps your energy to a remarkable degree. So I collected two cats – Raedthinn and Fingers – from the vet clinic where they were boarded, and pretty much just collapsed. Buttons and Marvin were, in contrast, at a neighbors house. Due to being pretty well beat to death, I contacted the neighbors and asked if they could hold the cats one more day.

This morning the call came in: sometime during the night, Marvin apparently decided that she had spent enough time at the neighbors house, somehow clawed her way through a window screen, and slipped out into the night. This seems rather remarkable to me, but there it is.

So, still sick as a very sick dog, most of today was spent in looking for Marvin. But at this point I hold out no hope of ever seeing her again. When I brought her in in February, she was seemingly just passing through; it may be that she has decided to continue her travels. It’s not how I would have chosen things to work out, of course.

Not a good day. I can’t get over the “if I’d only been one day faster” issue…

UPDATE: I *finally* picked up Buttons today (Friday) and examined the window Marvin escaped from. It would have required no great effort on her part to get through it; it was a simple fiberglass screen simply held in place with that rubber tube or gasket. These things pop out *easy.* She might well have simply leaned on it and fell out.

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  • fightingirish

    Godspeed, Marvin!

  • allen

    you never know. marvin survived outside before…and knows your place is where the food is. the rest is a simple matter of navigation…how far away is this “neighbor”?

  • Herp McDerp

    Damn. Damn damn damn damn damn.

  • John Nowak

    Sorry to hear that, but she’ll probably be okay. Hope you get better soon, and that’s got to be your priority.

  • Warren James

    Sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to you.

  • That does suck. I’m sorry. But don’t beat yourself up. You made a decision based on your health, and it was the right thing to do at the time.

  • BrainDrainXP

    Just read the story to my wife and while she and I were sad to hear your news, she wonders if Marvin is the “Littlest Hobo” of cats and is moving on, down the road… Sorry to hear, but who knows, she might just show up on your porch today.

  • Aw. 🙁

  • Rats. I’m so sorry to hear this. As to the second guessing yourself…stop. Your decision was completely rational and proper. Just focus on getting well. Pneumonia is nothing to mess around with.

    • Anonymous

      > second guessing yourself

      I’m not. It’s not a feeling of “guilt” so much as it’s a feeling of “WTF???”

      When I left Marvin, she was a weak, weak cat, barely able to jump up on a chair. Chopping her way through a window screen? That seems… remarkable. And the timing just plain sucks.

      The neighbors house came equipped with an adult cat (who I understand had little to nothing to do with Buttons & Marvin), a kitten (who I understand became instant buddies with Marvin), one of them little yap-dogs and two children. The dog and the kids might have been simply too much for Marvin, considering that the three cats in *my* house, and one non-threatening human, were disturbing enough to the old girl that she spent her days hiding under the bed. I had hoped that the change of environment might help open her up a bit… guess not.

      • Herp McDerp

        Heinlein said it of military bureaucracies, but it applies to life in general: “… all military bureaucracies
        consist of a Surprise Party Department, a Practical Joke Department, and
        a Fairy Godmother Department. The first two process most matters as
        the third is very small; the Fairy Godmother Department is one elderly
        female GS-5 clerk usually out on sick leave.”

  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    You did the right things, Scott. Take care of yourself. Cats do what they want to do.

  • Rick

    probably gonna show up yowling under your window some night next week. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Damn. And winter is just around the corner. 🙁

  • Phil

    No matter what, you did a lot of good for Marvin.

  • Jim Vaughan

    … she should show up if the neighbors house was not too far away!

  • Patron Zero

    Mind it’s a bit of closing the barn door after the fact but we have dogs here, every accessible window screen has a framed hardware cloth ‘barrier’ to discourage such activity.

    You did right by Marvin on all counts, bravo to you good sir.

    • Anonymous

      > very accessible window screen has a framed hardware cloth ‘barrier’

      Effectively the same here… all windows that open up have either dedicated pet-proof metal screens or built-in window fans or some such. The neighbors house, though…