Aug 282013

Quite good video quality.

[youtube Ja1Fi_xPdEQ]

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve not seen a video of a Delta IV before. I’m curious, what’s with the inconsistencies of the flame (brighter flashes)? Just a little extra fuel from time to time? Also, is it just a reflection or some such, or is there really a flame on the bottom of the rocket, above the nozzle bell?

    • Anonymous

      > brighter flashes

      My guess: the engine bells are coated with an ablative material. The flashes may be specks of the stuff coming loose and being consumed.

      > is there really a flame on the bottom of the rocket

      Yes. Not uncommon for flames to lurk in this region of launch vehicles, superheated gases and actual ongoing combustion trapped in a recirculation zone.

      • Adam Holtz

        You are correct with regards to ablative material.

        • publiusr

          The SSMEs also burn LH2, but the near trnslucent mach cones/diamonds are the only giveaway. The yellowish tint to the RS-68’s flames here is probably fom the abalatives.
          Now is it just me, or did it look like this D-IV H left the pad a bit more quickly this time?

      • Anonymous

        Ah, thanks for the info!

  • Grif Ingram

    Scott, just a “heads-up”: this site: is stealing your name!
    Grif Ingram

  • Jim R.

    Sweet video. Thanks.