Aug 282013

After one month, about 10,000 miles and 13,333 photos (totaling up 54 gig), I’m now back home. And this time, it didn’t come complete with a doctor saying “you have bronchitis.” Yay! This time it came with a doctor telling me “It might be pneumonia.” Bah.

So over the next little while I’ll be busy getting things back up and running again. Or at least as busy as lungs that react like fricken’ mercury switches will allow…

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  • LordJim

    Stop deleting my comments.

  • Perhaps you should reconsider travel?

    (I know, I know, “…And live in an isolated cabin,” not a real great option. I’m kinda agoraphobic, or whatever it is when you can’t stand to not sleep in your own bed every night, in part because *every* *darn* family vacation as a kid, I’d get very sick, 105-degree fever sick, usually strep throat and migrating to sinuses and lungs. That gets old. Also, I’m still half-convinced they have phosphorescent dinosaurs in Las Vegas. So I might not be a good source of advice on this issue.)

    • Anonymous

      > Perhaps you should reconsider travel?

      Certain forms of it at least. Being stuck in a small metal tube with 150 other people, breathing recycled air for 7 hours, while at least a third of them are hacking up their lungs is to be avoided. The obvious answer: Obamacare should buy me an airplane.