Aug 262013

Charging stations added slowly as electric car use sputters

The Franklin Avenue Public Library in Des Moines, Iowa, installed three “ChargePoint” units in early 2012. These are used to recharge electric cars. Every use generates a dollar of income. The units cost $16,000 to install. In a year and a half, they have been used 13 times.

Gee, where do I invest?

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  • Adam Holtz

    I personally would rather have a Ford Nucleon with a gas turbine engine that derives power from sucking in air and using it to cool said reactor. Make it direct cycle too!

    • publiusr

      Me too. If the anti-nukes didn’t kill it, Chevron would have.
      On a side note, they may be using a nuclear power plant to help extract tar sands–also a diminishing rate of return. The good news is this, though.
      As easy oil gets more rare–folks will be forced to find new ways to cook rocks.
      So Chevron wil basically be footing the bill for regolith handling tech needed for lunar industry, we hope.

  • LordJim

    And how often were the first petrol stations used in their first year? Would you have been too thick to invest back then too?