Aug 262013

The British Library has posted a reasonably high-rez scan of a tenth-century edition of Beowulf. Read it not only in the original Old English, but the original handwriting!

Damned if I can figure out how to save the images, though. Any hints?

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  • Grab for Mac works. I don’t know offhand if there is a PC program that has the ‘Select Portion of Screen to Save’ function though….I’m not sure why they used that software to display Beowulf. I’d think that copyright issues regarding it would be…minimal.

  • mikej

    Yeah, it looks like a screen grab is going to be the only sane method of saving the images.

    If you’re using Chrome, you can right-click, select “Inspect element”, click the “Network” tab, and then navigate to the site. It’ll list each file that’s downloaded. If you clear the history and click the image to zoom in, you’ll see that it downloads a boatload of small images (258×258 pixels in one test).

  • LordJim

    *Damned if I can figure out how to save the images, though. Any hints?*

    Why? Do you think the British Library is going to take it down? It is funded by a government that understands the value of preserving culture & history and ensuring that it is FREELY available to the masses, unlike if you were running the British government…Beowulf would probably be behind a paywall or defiled with advertisements.

  • Patron Zero

    I had success with Pixlr Grabber for Firefox, it’s free and works on most anything.