Aug 212013

A recent Georgia Tech convocation speech. The speaker exhorts the incoming students not to follow in the footsteps of the astronauts, Nobel prize laureates and Presidents who graduated from Georgia Tech, but to exceed their footsteps, to crush the shoulders of the giants upon whom they stand, to build Iron Man suits, and to play theme music during convocation speeches like a badass.

Gives me a smidgeon of hope for the future that there are still some young engineers with such enthusiasm. Now, if only they can carry that through into their cube-dwelling careers in soul-crushing corporate drudgery, burdened by mountains of government rules…

[youtube 98nNpzE6gIs]

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  • xvdougl

    If he would have ended it with “Suck it MIT!!” it would have been perfect.
    MIT the Georgia Tech of the North.

  • Rick

    though at some point, it is important to remind the youth of today that while dreaming is great, at some point you need to start “doing”. Even though hype (erloops) seem more important than boring details like infrastructure questions (where are all the super charging stations at?-the factory’s not even 20 miles away) we’ve got too many people dreaming and then getting “burned out” when they find there’s a thing called reality in the way.

    sad fact is that “drudgery” is necessary to support the “dreamers”. But, in a few hundred generations, it just means tastier Eloi for us Morlocks down here making things work. 🙂