Aug 162013

An early 1960’s Lockheed concept for a modular space station. It would rotate around the long axis to create “artificial gravity” in the outboard “bars.” Nuclear reactor at the “tail,” possibly de-spun docking system up front.

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  • publiusr

    I wonder if this might have inspired the concept of the Leonov from 2010, and the Babylon % earthforce ships from that series.

    • Anonymous

      Could be. At least the Leonov and the Omega-class either pulled mass closer to the center of rotation or distributed it over a wider portion of the arc, thus reducing balance problems. That Lockheed design pretty much requires careful mass accounting between the arms.

      The Wiki article on Space Odyssey-series spacecraft claims the Leonov inspired the Omega-class, but it’s got a “citation needed” cavil on that claim.

      • Herp McDerp

        It might have been “inspired” by the Leonov, or it might simply have been inspired by good engineering. The people who created Babylon 5/i> used a variety of official and unofficial consultants, including professionals in aerospace and astronomy. They (not just JMS, but others) even asked for scientific advice on Usenet. They openly stated that their goal was to “get the details right.”

  • Anonymous

    If this had been done today it would be some lousy Powerpoint crapped out by an engineer or manager type. They definitely don’t do things like they used to. 🙁