Jul 282013


The Air Force Has a Brony Squadron

It’s a training squadron out of Vance AFB.


One of these days a pink “Hello Kitty” F-22 is going to shoot down some enemy aircraft over the middle east… and the losing pilot will *not* be able to tell his comrades what just happened.

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  • xvdougl

    Wow, I have always been proud of my AF career. What the #$^@% have they done to my beloved USAF!!

    • publiusr

      Doesn’t surprise me one bit.
      I’ve had it in for that pilot’s union once I learned that they stole space, missiles and rockets from the ABMA–those are artillery, not aircraft in the purest sense.
      I’ll make a deal with you. Take all space-related responsibilities–and the pretty Blue Suits–away from Air Force….call it the US Army Air Corp…and then you guys can have your man card back,
      Until then–consider it revoked.

      • xvdougl

        US Space Com, Army, Navy, AF, Marine Space should all get rolled into new branch of the service. HQ it at Peterson or Shriver. We can send all of the nerds and satellite operators their way. The new branch could also take on all of the military’s cyber efforts. It has been discussed and debated but somehow I don’t see it happening.

        The AF would no mote hand over its ABM program to the Army than the Navy would give all its aviation to the AF. It’s not artillery its a missile. Just like the
        Patriot or MRLS (both of which you can keep) for that matter. If the army wanted all that stuff they should never have let the AF get away with having all the silos all over the midwest and the DEW line.

        I get that it was done as a joke but it would have been funny if we were using it to describe the other guys AF.

        • publiusr

          I was just kidding of course.
          I’m sure there are–or will be– some nice girls with call signs like “Bambi” and “Thumper” who are Strike Eagle drivers that just love to see taliban members all lit up.

          • xvdougl

            I was in a training course with a young female Lt. from another unit who seemed nearly obsessed with her uniform. Even though she was in no way involved in flying it was a field that allowed the use of a flight suit (as did mine but I never wore it). I’ve always found this highly amusing since I found it was just as easy to fly a desk, turn the wrenches, and keep things turning and burning with the standard uniform. She would talk about which (of many) patches she would be wearing day to day. I’m sure you’re all aware that flight suit patches are attached with Velcro so they can be removed prior to missions that could involve capture. She enjoyed regaling us with tales from all the training classes she had attended to receive a seemingly endless collection patches. It was kind of like girl scout merit badges, sans the merit. If it were up to some brass there would be a patch for passing a random drug test! The rest of the class took to referring to her collection of patches as her ‘flair’ (see the movie office space). She failed to see the humor. Whatever it takes to keep the troops engaged.

            The best part was this Flight Suit Barbie’s nick name was Thumper. She was given that name by someone and she totally missed the innuendo of it!