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A (probably Northrop) artists impression of the M2-21 lifting body gliding in to a landing. As shown here, it turned out to be dangerously prone to rolling, which led to a spectacular crash (which was seen in the opening credits of “The Six Million Dollar Man”). Interestingly, even thought the craft tumbled down the runway, it was structurally intact enough to be rebuilt as the M2-F3, which added a central dorsal stabilizer to increase roll authority.


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  • BScCollateral

    In “Flying Without Wings”, Milt Thomson said the M2-F2 was tail-heavy. Instead of adding counterweights to the nose, they gave the pilot an unusually heavy roll cage, which probably saved the pilot’s life and may have made the vehicle more robust.

  • Brent

    Being a little bit of a stickler here, but I think the M2-F3 didn’t have stubby wings but instead a 3rd central vertical stabilizer. I think the only one of the lifting bodies to acquire stubby wings was the X-24A which gained wings in the X-24B although in that case it was done to enhance the L/D.

    • Anonymous

      D’oh. I was thinking of the M2-F1, which had the little stubby wings.

  • BakersfieldMike

    Hello Scott, I was wondering if you have a Hi-resolution scan available of this artist concept of the M2-F3. I l have a fondness for anything lifting body or artist concept paintings. Of course I would Donate, a fee for this. Please let me know. Thanks, Mike Kennedy/Bakersfield Mike@ Gmail.com

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