Jul 202013

Issue number 2 of US Bomber Projects is now available (for background, see HERE). This issue includes:

  • Rockwell D 645-1: LH2:: A variant of the low-cost missile carrier using liquid hydrogen for fuel
  • NAA High Performance Penetrator: a 1963 design for a supersonic bomber, led in part to the B-1
  • Boeing Model 701-273-1: Second in a series on the evolution of the XB-59
  • Lockheed GL-232: A subsonic nuclear powered bomber
  • Boeing Space Sortie: A small unmanned spaceplane
  • Martin Model 233-2: Second in the series on the development of the XB-48 – a wartime turbojet powered medium bomber
  • Boeing Model 461: Second in the series on the development of the B-52… and early postwar turboprop heavy bomber
  • Northrop Low Altitude Penetrator: A competing idea for what became the B-2

USBP#02 can be downloaded as a PDF file for only $4:




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