Jul 162013

My neighbor has a bunch of sheep. Humans have spent millenia breeding them for their fur… not their brains. The result of that is that they are, as a species, dumb as fricken’ posts. Like this one, who spent a day with its head stuck in the fence. More, it put up an ill-conceived and poorly executed resistance effort when I freed it.


Insert reference to “sheeple.”

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  • Chris Jones

    (To show the level of my expertise when it comes to farm animals, I would have identified the pictured animal as a goat).

    My one close experience with sheep, which did not impress me with their intelligence but did make me grateful for their herding instinct, was when I was visiting one of my brothers who was house-sitting for a “gentleman farmer” who was out of the country at his OTHER house. In addition to several horses, the only other animals on the small farm were about 8 sheep, who all escaped the pen when the latch wasn’t fastened correctly after they were fed. We discovered this while eating breakfast and admiring the scenery, which was suddenly disturbed by the appearance of all of the sheep somewhere they didn’t belong. It turned out to be almost trivial to get all of the sheep back in the pen: with 5 adults and 2 children (of the human variety) available to provoke the herd leader (as identified by my brother) into motion and discourage him from wrong turns as he trotted around the house and toward the open pen, the rest of the herd docilely trotted behind him all the way into the pen, and happily resumed eating their interrupted meal. (Much care was taken with the latch after this.)

  • Cthell

    and yet, sheep are the only livestock that have figured out how to cross cattle grids; perhaps it’s all an act put on by evil genius sheep to put humans off the scent…

  • Rick

    “where is my hope and cha-a-a-a-a-nge?”