Jun 302013

Because if there *was* a God, this story would include the line “And then he was smoten by a lightningbolt out of a clear blue sky.”

[youtube DZFmwEJKsp0]

Houston Pastor Asks Congregation To Fund A Chopper!



Smited? Smat? Smot?

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  • MrDakka

    I think its just smote

  • Herp McDerp

    Any of those verbs will do, as long as The Big Guy comes through with the smitifying!

    • Anonymous

      As for The Big Guy, I suspect Thor has better things to do than lay a smackdown on some jackass megapreacher.

  • Anonymous

    Or it could be that there is a God, but He’s just not interested in smiting every time someone does something mind-numbingly stupid. When would He have time for anything else?:-P

    • Peter Hanely

      If everyone who did something greedy-stupid was smote on the spot, a lot of people would be smote.

      • Anonymous

        For a while, until people started putting 2 and 2 together, figured out the pattern, and responded accordingly.

  • Rick

    only a difference in scale from the inner city “churches” where their “outreach vehicle” the Pastor drives exclusively is a pimped out H2, in a part of town where the unemployment rate is just about 90% officially. Hell, how many helicopters did St. Al of Gorea earn for his carbon currency church?

  • publiusr

    Man, I’ve got to get in on this action. Let me do the Southern Baptist swat-a-thon, and Scott can throw his crutches down after I do my best Earnest Angely