Jun 282013

Got an email from Well Known And Well Respected Professional Science Fiction Author today. In short: it has promise, with some work could be made publishable in something like Analog (woo!). The primary source of “needs work” is an excess of verbage and description early on. It drags, takes too long to get where it needs to go. A fair critique. So, it’s back to the word processor…


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  • Michael the Somewhat Civilized

    The writing gods have smiled on you. Good luck, and may it be worth more than you fantasized it might.

    • Anonymous

      I’d be happy if it just got a decent *shot.* Let’s face it: even if it was, somehow, magically, Really Really Good, I’m sure that Analog and similar publications get *hundreds* of Really Really Good submissions every month, and can publish maybe ten.

  • That’s good news!