Jun 272013

CNN today has been breathlessly reporting on the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial. The thing that seems to have grabbed their attention the most is the fact that the prosecutions star witness just took a giant dump on the prosecutions case:

Trayvon Martin’s Friend: ‘Creepy-Ass Cracker’ Comment Not Racist

Now, on the one hand claims that “cracker” is not a racist term are patently ridiculous. On the other hand, most people just don’t care. However, so much ink and pixels and soundbites ahve been devoted to this issue that I’d be willing to bet that we’re going to see the rise of “creepy ass cracker” as a term to soon appear in large numbers on bumper stickers, buttons, tee-shirts and the like. I think few things will do better work to make sure that happens than those on the left/anti-Zimmerman side who are bound and determined to convince people that “cracker” isn’t a racist term worthy of attention. For example, this hysterical screed:

Who cares if Trayvon Martin called George Zimmerman a “creepy ass cracker”? White grievance-mongers, that’s who

What has been demonstrated here is that it was Martin his own self who introduced race into the confrontation. This is a fact that the witness hid for more than a year. The most likely explanation for that, despite her protestation to the contrary, is that she knew it at the very least made Martin look bad.

Is “cracker” considered as bad as “the N-Word?” No, and it’s due to the fact that those who would be described as “cracker” just don;t care enough to get all that upset. Words, after all, have no actual power; despite millenia of magical thinking with people trying to remake reality via incantation, there are, as yet, no words or sounds that are inherently dangerous or damaging. But to claim that a word doesn’t mean what it’s widely known to mean is just stooopid.


An exercise for the student: compare and contrast with Paula Deen.

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  • LordJim

    Crackers don’t matter.

    • Herp McDerp

      It’s crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite part was her inability to read a letter she supposedly wrote. All in all, a stunning display of the public education system.

  • Anonymous

    If you get a “Creepy Ass Cracker” t-shirt or bumper-sticker, be sure to put a hyphen in between Creepy and Ass, otherwise someone might think you’re a creepy ass-cracker:-). Althouse put up a post about that, which I took to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but her commentators appear to be taking it a face value: http://www.althouse.blogspot.com/2013/06/rachel-jeantel-made-it-sound-like.html

  • Rick

    I haven’t checked the media reports yet because I figure, like the incident itself, there’ll be nothing but assumptions and mistakes for the first few days. What did their witness do that actually “took a dump” on the case? the language thing won’t even count as a fart in it’s general direction-was there something else more substantial? and is it substantial enough to get a biased court to consider it?

    I suspect there’s a lot of pressure to give in to the “terroristic threat” of rioting if the trial doesn’t hang Zimmerman. Me, I’m already prepared for the worst.

    • Peter Hanely

      An echo of the Rodney King beating trial would not surprise me: Aquittal, riots, federal “civil rights” charges to appease the real criminals.

    • Anonymous

      > What did their witness do that actually “took a dump” on the case?

      She was, at least according to all the yammering nincompoops on TV, the “prosecutions star witness.” Yet she came across as not terribly credible *and* she made Trayvon come across as racist.

      • Brianna Aubin

        Yeah, but non-whites are allowed to be. Only white people actually get called to account for racism, and maybe asians.

  • publiusr

    ” there are, as yet, no words or sounds that are inherently dangerous or damaging.”.

    Working on that–if you believe this story


    I wish I could buy it.
    If anyone could–or deserved–to come back, it would be 4E

  • LordJim

    How can you not publish “Crackers don’t matter”?

    • Anonymous

      The hell are you babbling about?

      • LordJim

        I’m not a foolish man.

        • Brianna Aubin

          The evidence begs to differ.