May 302013

Alex Tremulis was an industrial designer. Best known for designing the Tucker automobile, he spent WWII in the Army Air Corps at Wright Field designing advanced combat aircraft. One of the most interesting designs he produced was known as the “Zero Fighter,” a rocket powered interceptor which had a large booster rocket first stage.

I mastered parts for a kit of the Zero Fighter for Fantastic Plastic. FP has just released the 1/48 kit.  I understand that this is a limited run kit, so get yours soon…

Tremulis Zero Fighter (1944)


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  • LordJim

    I can’t put decals on without ripping.

    • Anonymous

      Water’s not properly warm.

      If they’re ALPS decals, it’s always a challenge no matter what.

  • Madoc

    Excellent! Any plans on a 72nd scale version?

    • Anonymous

      That would be up to FP. As this model was based on a CAD model, scaling would be easy enough. But I doubt there’ be an effort to release a 1/72 scale version unless there was a large outcry for such.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, imagine a Bachem Natter on top of a V-2.

    • Anonymous

      That was basically the Fieseler Fi 166 version I.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve seen a lot of the “Luft ’46” stuff but that one’s new to me and it even predates the Natter. Just on images it makes more sense than the Natter, though that could be said of a monstrous trebuchet flinging rocks at incoming bombers.

        Same designer to boot. Obviously had less to work with when he came up with the Natter.

  • philot

    I didn’t know our spies stole the formula for Imipolex G from the Germans.

    You’ll never get me up in one of those things!