May 092013

First thing I noticed when I collected the cats from their stay at the vet was that Marvin has nearly attained a spherical geometry. I had hoped that her time of enforced close socializing with the other cats would open her up a bit, but since returning home she has spent every possible moment hiding out under the bed… shrug.

Img_6504 Img_6503 Img_6506 Img_6513 Img_6514 Img_6519 Img_6522

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  • I must say Scott, she looks MUCH better 🙂

  • publiusr

    She’s had a hard life, so if she wants to lazw–she deserves it. Not long after finally getting my habitat cut in the back yard, a whitish cat has taken up residence with her litter of little furballs.

  • Anonymous

    Looking much better. Good for her and good job!

  • Anonymous

    Cat. Frequently mistaken for a meatloaf. I loved that Kliban poster.

    Keep on truckin’ you paranoid android.