May 032013

Remember the Chinese NASA spy? The one whose arrest caused the NASA Tech Report Server to go belly up? The one with all the classified data he was trying to sneak out? Yeah… not so much.

Bo Jiang Had Porn – Not Secrets – on His Laptop

Remember, kids, this is the same Federal Government that wants to not only register all firearms transfers, it also wants to control healthcare. And they can’t tell the difference between classified spy satellite design drawings and nekkid chix.

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  • Desktopsimmer

    Darn, there’s me searching for porn on google, when I should of been looking on NTRS 🙂

    Sadly, I bet *if* we see NTRS return, it’s going to have fraction of the documentation that was previously available. I would stake my tin foil hat on this.

  • I dunno Scott. This would seem to suggest that NASA is designing spy satellites that are composed of or staffed by nekkid chicks.

    • Anonymous

      Naw. If NASA were to do any such thing, NASA would become intensely popular and interesting to the masses. Thus NASA will make sure to do nothing of the kind.

      • LordJim

        NASA already is popular and interesting to the masses. The problem is that the masses think NASA’s budget is significantly larger than in reality.