Apr 302013

The 747 was reportedly carrying armored vehicles. It looks likely that one of them broke loose in the hold, and rolled aft, sending the CG of the aircraft unrecoverably far aft. The 747 pitches almost straight up, wallows drunkenly, then pitches forward and rolls. Presumably the loose armored vehicle rolled forward, which allow the pilot to regain some measure of control… far too late to do anything. There is one NSFW utterance… and *only* one. I would have used more, but that’s just me.

Cargo cutting loose on takeoff is pretty much a cargomasters worst nightmare. This video points out why.

[youtube uIjO0sKBDDw]

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  • ed

    Horrifying to watch, for anyone that’s done a CG calculation, even on something as small as a C-152.

    I noted the lack of swearing too – just the one word. My guess is that the narrator was a pilot and/or first responder himself. He knew what he was seeing.

  • publiusr

    Horrible loss.