Apr 302013

28,000 Rivers Disappeared in China: What Happened?

In short:

1) How do you define a river? If the definition changes, then how many rivers you have can change

2) Climate change… less rain/snow = less water to fill rivers, so some will simply go away (or be defined down to creeks or streams or some such)

3) Rather importantly… China’s rampant industrial growth is drinking down whole rivers and turning them into crappy consumer products, smog and steam.

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  • Rick

    1.3 billion people gotta drink. the food for 1.3Bn needs water to produce. Any sort of lifestyle outside of abject poverty is either much more than 1.3bn products manufactured in a factory or from local mineral animal and plant resources with the two latter needing water to survive. It’s why reservoirs here in America are not filling up like they “used to”-because the amount of people they serve has surpassed the capacity they were designed for. No need of evil corporate plots, greedy manbearpigs or the “unintended” hydrological warfare consequences of damming every water source for “green” hydro power.

    Tho with China’s history, the “unintentional” part of hydrological warfare to eradicate non Han ethnic populations could be debated.

    There is truly only ONE “catastrophic” environmental element, and it is NOT western couples who barely produce 1.5 children per marriage.

  • thingytest 3

    Come on, China’s working hard to get rich by building cheap products the west needs – and sacrificing part of the country in the process. Spare us some sympathy. Everyone deserves the right to make one’s fortune by working one’s ass off.