Apr 292013

And it went supersonic:

First powered flight success for SpaceShipTwo



XCOR Congratulates Virgin Galactic on First Powered Flight of SpaceShipTwo

XCOR Aerospace sends our warmest and heartfelt congratulations to our friends and colleagues at Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites on their successful first powered flight of the SpaceshipTwo (SS2) suborbital space plane.

We applaud their exceptional team on taking the next step in the greatest journey the human race has ever known.  We look forward to meeting them there, above the clouds, where the adventure has only just begun.

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  • publiusr

    This got me to thinking about this: http://www.stratolaunch.com/
    That could launch either a tiny capsule to LEO, or a much larger sub-orbital plane with more seats.
    That might be better for profits.