Apr 282013

A craptacular cell phone photo showing the vellum cyanotype blueprint of the NERVA rocket engine processing in direct sunlight, with an industry standard feline scale reference.


I do need to produce some better photos to show the results. It’s really quite good.

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  • DJF

    Is that a metric or imperial, or US customary scale feline? Or do felines have their own scale and all others conform to it?

    • Anonymous

      > felines have their own scale and all others conform to it

      You fail to conform at your peril.

      • Anonymous

        Heisenberg obviously failed to take cat nature into account in his thought experiment. I’ve observed macro-scale quantum tunneling with every feline that’s ever taken over my house (humans think they own cats; they’re wrong. Humans just pay the bills).

  • philot

    bah. That may be acceptable for you Engineering types.

    That no where approximates a perfectly elastic spherical cat in a vacuum. The calculations are going to be just to, err, hairy.

  • LordJim

    I don’t understand why they are called blueprints, since they are purple.

    • Anonymous

      The blithering idiot act is getting old, son.

      • LordJim

        In all honesty, they have always looked purple to me.

        • Nick P.

          Then you very well may be colorblind.

          My Dad could never tell blue and purple apart.

          …among other things.