Apr 012013

A building in Turkey, 2009: the plan was for it to simply implode. Ooops.

[youtube 28xTAXgDB4E]

Without the CNN screen-crawlies:

[youtube 71nxdA4OaOs]


Chimney go THAT way:

[youtube t–F7E2ewq0]


Or THAT way:

[youtube NnUeipeDCZ8]


Or maybe THAT way:

[youtube M3JT-IT60Es]



[youtube EzKvwYt3Zyg]


And this? This is just stupid:

[youtube rL8a_M_i5GM]


I’m pretty sure this isn’t how you park a boat:

[youtube svFwsJsHHGs]


Nor this:

[youtube 9-nazsbpags]


A lesson: each of these was, in retrospect, pretty easily preventable. And yet they happened… bad planning, bad thinking, bad luck, whatever. This can happen to *any* projects. If demolitions experts can screw up knocking over a simply chimney, imagine how wrong a missile, an airplane or a starship can go.

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  • James

    Will till the 13th and 14 when they tear down our ASARCO smelter and El Paso’s former City Hall.


  • publiusr

    I want whoever built that building in Turkey to build my next house (if any). Rolled in one piece.
    The ship doing the T-bone gave me an idea. A re-enforced supertankertanker with a cluster of SRBs out the aft, giant hydrofoils and an icebreaker bow. Just the thing to ram ships at sea.