Mar 302013

You know, I can understand German Jews wanting to do some public outreach. After all, it wasn;t so long ago that being a Jew in Germany came with a few downsides, and that time seems to be coming again. So, sure. Jews in Europe have a historical reputation – deserved or not, I can’t say – for being rather insular; that’s never a good way to relate with a larger surrounding population that tends to get kinda jumpy from time to time. So the Jewish Museum in Berlin has decided to do some public outreach, to teach the 82 million or so non-Jewish Germans about the 200,000 or so Jewish Germans. But their choices in how to do that seem kinda… uh..

Outrage at ‘Jew in the box’ exhibition in Berlin museum where participant sits in glass cage for hours answering questions

Another display is a group of hats with “How can you recognize a Jew?”

Oy vey.

Jesus facepalm

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  • When I was in Israel, I briefly ran into a german jewish woman in one of the hostels I stayed at. When she told me where she was from, I couldn’t help it. I said, “You mean some of you are still there?” I was really surprised.

    I don’t think the Europeans will ever go after them again, not en masse, anyway. But I do think they’ll stand aside and whine about the crimes of Israel while the Muslims go after them instead.

  • Michel Van

    the Irony of the case is:
    the cage with a Jew, stands in Jewish Museum in Berlin.
    to put the attention there still are jews living in Germany.
    And the Germany media ignore this totally.
    the German Jews almost treat like a Alien from space.
    theorized, but not to believe to exist…

    While most Germans manage to ignore them,
    because what happen during National socalistim between 1932 and 1945!