Mar 302013

A 1960’s concept painting from Bell depicting a vertical takeoff and landing supersonic transport. The eight individually podded turbojet engines were hinged so that they could rotate upwards at least 90 degrees, providing vertical thrust. It’s far from certain that this was an actual engineering effort as opposed to pure artistic marketing. Exactly what benefit there would be in a VTOL SST is anyones guest.

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  • BScCollateral

    Providing something cool enough for Race Bannon to fly, of course.

  • Anonymous

    Almost looks like it’s parked in some rich dude’s driveway. Maybe they thought private jets of the rich and famous would look like this in the future or something.

  • 100 pieces of bacon

    ‘dem podded engines, ‘dat delta wing

    what a sexy machine

  • publiusr

    Now here is the question I want to ask, in terms of a smaller concept. HOT EAGLE really was just a re-usable payload shroud–but could Falcon heavy launch a spaceplane that, once it re-enters, is a true airplane in every sense. At 40-53 tons, I would think Falcon could launch something that handles like a true aircraft.

    Now TAV–something simple, say, atop an SRB is better at short notice–but A falcon Heavy launched spaceplane would seem to allow more than any routine OSP concept of the past.

    • Tangle

      Perhaps if it was very light. If it was a spaceplane, it’s pretty easy for it to be a true airplane. Quite a few aircraft are rocket propelled…