Mar 282013

A Grumman alternate Space Shuttle concept with a low cross range orbiter and a series of pressue-fed storable-propellant rockets for the first and second stages. Pressure-fed boosters like this are heavy and relatively low-performance, but also relatively simple and cheap. The heavy construction required for the large high-pressure tanks makes them readily recoverable and refurbishable.

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  • Jordan

    The sad thing is that you see all of these concepts being developed and none of them being used or considered. It’s like we got a poor compromise with the Space Shuttle and have since given up on the concept.

    I wish the military had developed its own manned space shuttle program instead of leaving it totally in civilian hands.

    We need to do the Scott Lowther idea of changing the military budget and building space stations.

    • Chris Jones

      Although they didn’t develop their own shuttle, the military did get to set some of the requirements of the shuttle that was developed (notably the high cross-range and the large payload bay).

  • Bob

    You’ll notice this thing doesn’t have a huge external tank and huge solid rockets like the Space Shuttle did. This points up the fact that hydrogen has such a low density it’s not that great a rocket fuel.

  • publiusr

    Bob Truax would have been very happy.