Mar 262013

On the one hand, it’s hard to be hard on Mark Kelly for becoming an anti-gun-nut. His wife was plugged in the noggin by a wacky leftist schizophrenic, after all… that’s gotta mess you up. But then, as he goes publicity seeking a few weeks ago, he wound up buying an Evil Black AR-15 Assault Murder Weapon *and* a .45 1911-style pistol (had Jared Laughner had one of those instead of a weenie 9mm, Gabbie would *not* have survived her gunshot):

Gabby Giffords’yHusband Buys AR-15

But then yesterday, whatever plans he had for his AR-15, whether plinking, home defense or political theater, turned into garbage when the gun store cancelled the sale and gave him his money back:

Gun store rescinds Mark Kelly’s rifle purchase, questions his ‘intent’

And while Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords await the launch of the USS Gabby Giffords, a brand-new Independence class littoral combat ship (continuing the long, proud tradition of cynically naming Naval vessels after *living* politicians), Mark Kelly and his daughter wander down to the California seashore for a relaxing day at the beach… where they lose control of their High Capacity Assault Dog, and it goes and kills a defenseless baby sea lion:

Giffords’ husband pulls dog off sea lion in Calif.

(If you must, HERE is the YouTube video of the incident. Note that there is definite NSFW language, plus rather disturbing footage of a dog killing a baby sea lion. Lots of blood, and an abandoned baby sea lion carcass sadly floating out to sea.).

Note that in California, killing a sea lion is Bad Legal News. Will Kelly and/or his daughter be hauled up on charges like your average schmoe with an Assault Dog would be? It seems not. Also note, the way the headline is written makes it sound at first like Mark Kelly tried heroically to save the sea lion from the dog, when in fact the dog was apparently his (or at least his daughters) responsibility.

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  • Jason

    Assault dogs like that really should be banned. I am going to call Sen. Feinstein’s office today and motivate our leaders to implement a ban on “high capacity” chewing dogs. If Joe Biden is worth his salt, he should call Mark Kelly and tell him to “get a chihuahua”. That’s all a civilian would need for the home anyway.

    • Anonymous

      At the very least, some Common Sense Dog Control Laws are needed. Let’s restrict dogs to seven pounds. Why does anyone need a thirty-pound dog? Only the police or military should have such high-capacity dogs as that. If you want to play around with dogs of more than seven pounds, join the National Guard.