Mar 242013

She seems to be… stable, I guess. Not much really changing one way or the other. Something that I wish would change: she’s the weakest cat I’ve ever known. *Easily* pushed over, unsteady on her feet, has a hard time jumping onto a low bed, walks “hunched” (back arched like a cliched Halloween cat). My guess is… she’s just old.

She has taken a dislike to me being up and about. When I’m motionless, she thinks I’m awesome (such as right now… she’s laying next to me, paws on my leg, purring); when standing or walking, not even walking quickly, loudly or towards her, she will hiss and run and hide.

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  • sferrin

    That’s a bummer. Definitely sounds like she was abused.

  • Herp McDerp

    Sounds like the poor old girl has been through a lot.

    Do you have any suspicions about which of your neighbors might have shot and/or abused her? I’m not asking for names, of course, but it might be worthwhile to keep an eye on them if you have a reasonably good guess about who might have done it. There might be other animals that are being abused, and the neighbors might be vicious enough to treat humans that way, too. If it’s a kid … well, torturing animals is one of the indicators of a future violent psychopath.

    • Anonymous

      > Do you have any suspicions…

      Not really. This is farm country… cats are generally well tolerated and even appreciated, since they keep down the varmint population. There is one local kid who I think is not exactly operating on the X-axis, if you know what I mean… wanders down the road arguing with people who Just Aren’t There. But I’ve no knowledge of him abusing critters.

  • Ed

    Glad to hear she’s stable. It may take a while for her to really come back to health. Have you considered a vitamin supplement? It’s done owners for my 13yo cat.

  • Phil

    In her old age, she has a good home.