Mar 102013

I’ve just uploaded a pile of photos of Marvin the cat to Dropbox, bringing the total to about half a gigabytes worth taken in the last two months. She seems to be all healed up from her surgeries, but remains weak and wobbly… I think, at this point, it’s probably due to being a rather *old* cat, along with still getting over malnutrition and abuse and such. Hopefully *not* FIP.


The full-rez photos are the best thing I have to thank those who donated to the cause of getting Marvin some badly needed vet care. The pile o’photos will get occasional updates, presumably for as long as she’s about. I’ve managed to get some glimpses of her molars (oddly, she doesn’t like having her mouth forced open), and man do they look *bad.* She may need dental work (read: tooth removal), so if you want access to a mound of photos of a friendly old cat, donations are appreciated. Any amount is good… but I suppose if you’re feeling *really* generous, I could come up with a coffee cup or a mousepad or something for donations more than ten grand…

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  • Anonymous

    Glad to see she seems to be doing better. She’s a fighter.