Mar 092013

A Lockheed painting of the CL-840, an attack helicopter proposed for the Advanced Aerial Fire Support System contest of 1964-66. This design won, and was built as the AH-56 Cheyenne. Sadly, the design was more advanced than the technologies required to support it, and it was cancelled after only a few prototypes were built.

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  • B-Sabre

    The sole remaining example of this bird sits outside the Army Aviation Museum, slowly rotting away. It had some fairly mind-blowing features – for instance, the gunner’s seat was designed to traverse along with the aircraft’s 30mm cannon. You can see videos online of him spinning back and forth while the aircraft is doing its thing, There was a 7.62mm minigun and 40 mm grenade launcher controlled by the pilot which he used to defend the aircraft while the gunner engaged with the Boomstick, rockets or TOW missiles.