Mar 092013

HERE is a story about how Hungarian and Romanian immigrants (mostly Roma, it seems) have taken over a chunk of a German town and turned it into a hellhole, and how the mayor of that town is warning Britons to beware the same thing happening there.

This is an article from the Daily Mail, so it’s accuracy can be reasonably questioned. Even so, there seem to be two primary possibilities:

1) It’s basically accurate. And thus “gypsies” are pissing off the Germans.

2) It’s not accurate, and yet German sentiment is getting stirred up against the Gypsies.

Either way… this will not end well.

One wonders if this sort of thing – driven by EU rules that permit easy relocation from one nation to another – might tear the EU apart as nations realize that getting swamped with immigrants who refuse to assimilate but nevertheless draw welfare benefits is economically and culturally disastrous.

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