Mar 082013

Went by this heading into Tremonton today. I have no idea what the story is; seems very unlikely to be snow or ice related, since it’s been in the 40’s the past few days and the roads are clear. I could dream up a scenario where this car tried to pass someone driving slow, and lost control, I suppose. It must’ve been entertaining to watch.



Clearly there must’ve been an injury, since there’s an ambulance. I have no further data.

You know who doesn’t care? That would be Marvin.


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  • Anonymous

    I smell cell phone.

  • B-Sabre

    Marvin: “You see this? This is how many fraks I give.”

  • publiusr

    On a straight stretch of road no less…
    Maybe it was a high speed chase.

    The joy-rider gets a thrill, the cop gets to PITT it into a ditch, and the car owner gets the tab.