Mar 082013

Image of the Day: 18-ft U.S. Predator drone covered in rhinestones

An 18-foot-long rhinestone-covered replica of a U.S. Predator drone was set up for display at a multimedia art exhibit on March 1 at the Hampden Gallery at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The goal of the exhibit, titled “Home Drone,” is to expand viewers’ minds to imagine their reaction if thousands of deadly drones had struck in Massachusetts, rather than in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

Oy. Go take a look. The artists (one of whom is a “a social intervention artist,” whatever the hell nonsense that is) went to all this bother, but couldn’t be bothered to even *try* to accurately replicate a Predator drone. LAAAAAAME. Who pays for this sort of dreck?

As far as the goal: I’d think it’d be equally valid to set up a display to expand viewer’s minds by getting them to imagine their reaction if the Taliban was setting off thousands of explosions in Massachusetts instead of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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  • LordJim

    “The Home Drone exhibition
    combines this installation, a history of the U.S. drone program, and a
    map of drone strikes that have occurred in Pakistan superimposed onto a
    map of Massachusetts to indicate what parts of the state would be wiped

    Damn. The Predator must carry some pretty frelling powerful weapons.

    • Ringtail Badger

      Actually, it’s good to see SOME questioning to the Obama war in Paki, even if it’s pretty tepid. Personally, I won’t be satisfied until the giant puppets are out and performing street theater.

  • publiusr

    I think this may be what the Rand Paul type anti-drone people think Obama’s anti-militia task force Predators will look like 🙂

    All pimped out, remote-controlled by Dolomite, Superfly and Shirley Sherrod–with a portrait of March-to-the-sea General Sherman as nose art.

    • Like the birth certificate, it’s not the question that attracts the scandal but the evasive answer. Had a reasonable direct answer been given right away, Rand Paul might have been made to look a bit foolish for the implicit suggestion. But when he gets a couple hours of evasion, it gives the impression the regime wants the option asked about.

  • It’s not art, it’s an illustration of the depths to which modern day academics have sunk (and consequentially submerged their students) in the effluvium of the anti-conceptual sewer.

    “Truth is the recognition of reality; reason, man’s only means of knowledge, is his only standard of truth.” – Ayn Rand.

    As pointed out, objectively, drone strikes have not “wiped out” any part of Pakistan, thus a juxtaposition of drone strikes does not equate to any “wiping out” of any part of Massachusetts.

    What the artist has attempted to wipe out is the truth – the fact that a group of mass murdering thugs conspired to cause the deaths of thousands of Americans and our military response has been an extraction justice.

    The article identifies the artists as Heather Layton, a social intervention artist, University of Rochester, and Brian Bailey, professor of adolescence education with a focus on social justice at Nazareth College.

    In regards to the notion of “Social Justice” Friedrich Hayek said (in paraphrase) “There can be no test by which we can discover what is ‘socially unjust’ because there is no subject by which such an injustice can be committed … [Social justice] does not belong to the category of error but to that of nonsense, like the term `a moral stone’.”

    Janusz Korwin-Mikke argues simply: “Either ‘social justice’ has the same meaning as ‘justice’ – or not. If not, if ‘social justice’ means something different from ‘justice’ – then ‘something different from justice’ is by definition ‘injustice.'”

    I suspect strongly that, if closely examined, the skin of that “drone” would reveal the fingerprints of Immanuel Kant.

    It is hardly surprising that those proclaiming to act in the name of social justice must first murder the truth.

  • Billy Mitchell

    My first reaction to someone talking about drone strikes on Massachusetts is glee. I’ll be glad to draw up the target list. UMass comes in around #4, after the State House, the Kennedy School of Government, and Elizabeth Warren.

  • publiusr

    My biggest problem with drones is that I was hoping for anti-gravity hovertanks, a return to dirigibles and hypersonics.

    But what does the 21st century actually give us? A spindly contraption I could outrun in a Piper cub and shoot down with a revolver flying next to it.

    Sigh–blasted laws of physics..

  • I don’t care how big a motor they put on it I’m not hand launching it….
    They should at least try to put a viable section on the wings tail prop etc. lazy workmanship, I’d have been laughed off the flying field if I’d turned up with anything like that.
    About as realistic as that Iranian stealth fighter you never know we may have found the builders…

  • B-Sabre

    How about a line of Gucci suicide vests and belts, with maps showing all the places in Israel, Iraq, Pakistan and India they’ve killed people?