Mar 042013

Tehran Battles Plague of ‘Mutant’ Giant Rats with Army Snipers

Claim: Tehran is being overrun by five-kilogram rats, that officials say are mutants created via either radiation or chemicals. Snipers with infra-red scopes are being stationed around town at night to battle the New York-sized rats.

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  • Michel Van

    sounds as hat CIA play again a prank with iranians, by releasing New Yorker rats in Tehran…

  • Herp McDerp

    Could be either a muskrat or a nutria/coypu. According to Wikipedia, either one might have colonized Iran.

    • publiusr

      Yeah, wasn’t there a comic who went around America–with an episode where they were shooting nutria–I think he’s got a gig on Showtime showing his old Porn or something. That’s how I learned Adam Corolla became a fundamentalist.

      Say it aint’ so!

  • allen

    perhaps a gambian pouched rat?

    they’re popular pets in africa. and if I remember right iran does import “household help” from africa….

  • Ringtail Badger