Mar 022013

I think I’m about done with the CAD drawings. Maybe a few more, but only a few.

V3N3 2013-03-2

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  • philo_t

    When you put it that way, holy crap there’s a lot of flying saucers out there.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        I think he’s looking at the slices through the Flying Dorito / A-12 Avenger.

  • Wally Moose

    Looks like GREAT stuff. I hope the red X does not mean you will not be completing the CAD on the F-32 looking plane. I recognize the A-12 and the Northop ATA entry, but not that one, although it looks a lot like Boeing’s final JSF submission.

    • Anonymous

      X-ed out drawings indicate that they won’t be included, but I’m not willing to simply delete them in case I use them later. What was originally intended for this issue was a broader article on “Stealth Aircraft for the US Navy,” which turned out to be a mess… a whole lot of designs, many very poorly defined or sourced. A narrower article on the A-12 made more sense, and would have been less gibberish-y.

      • Wally Moose

        Navy Stealth a mess? Who’d a thunk. ATA,, NATF, AF-X, JAST. Its like the Army with FCS or AHR.

        Will you include Northop’s design which might have actually made it to FSD stage before its budget exploded.

  • publiusr

    Only a matter of time before the cross section drawings of flying wings get called secret saucers. They would make some nice primary hulls though.