Feb 272013

I just got an email from a Canadian customer of a Saturn V print letting me know that the print arrived, and that they were pleased with it. Why is this newsworthy? Well, partially to convince you to buy prints, but mostly to complain about the postal service between here and there. You see, the print was mailed a *month* ago. Stuff sent to me from Canada has similarly taken a month or more. Stuff sent to and from Hong Kong takes a few days; Europe takes a week. So… what the hell, eh?

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  • BrainDrainXP

    Canada post just raised their prices to cover storage fees.

  • Canadian Customs are notorious for holding and delaying Mail deliveries..If you enter one box wrong on the Custome declaration paperwork, they’ve been known to send it back to the originator..Blech

  • Nick P.

    I don’t know what it is with postal services these days, but they do some awfully strange things.

    One time I had ordered a CD off of eBay that was from overseas, Australia to be specific, and the shipper got my zip code a little wrong and the post office return-to-sender’d it across the god damn pacific ocean.

    Ya’ know, I have to imagine that taking the time to look up my correct address in the database would be a little cheaper than that…