Feb 272013

No, the project hasn’t been forgotten. Work continues; if you compare the surface detailing to earlier examples, you can see that a *lot* has happened.

2013-02-27 c 2013-02-27 b 2013-02-27 a

Also note a change in “scale reference” lineup. The Space Shuttle is gone as is the Titan III. In their place is a 747 with stretched upper deck and a “Boeing 2717 SST.” These drawings are to show the state of SSV as of 1999… in the “2001” timeline. Consequently, scale references should be appropriate for that timeline. The shuttle probably wouldn’t have been built; if it had, it would have been retired long before 1999. My presumption is that the Boeing 2707 SST would have been built and become operational by the late 70’s, and would have been replaced with the 2717 sometime in the early/mid 90’s. Also shown is an incomplete Soviet Titov V spaceplane, an incomplete USS Discovery and the “Neptune” booster, which I’ve taken to be a 2 Mlb-payload version of the Convair Nexus. Saturn V included; even though it would have been long since retired, it would be historically important. Especially since it launched Space Station I.

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  • Donut Argh

    Man, you are twisting the knife! “Especially since it launched Space Station I.”

    • Anonymous

      Can’t really describe SSV without describing SS1 through 4. They won’t be described to the same level of detail, of course, but as background, and some (simpler) scale drawings. They will be based on a mishmash of “2001” concept art and “real world studies.”

      Of course, this leave open the idea of projecting *forward. Perhaps Space Station VII would be two million five hundred thousand tons of spinning metal, all alone in the night…

      • Donut Argh

        And that continuation of the SST line with the 2717! I remember when I was a tiny speck, I was at Ravinia and there was some apparently crazed hippy musical being performed that contained a song about an American SST plane crashing. Even then, the future was being eaten away like a Polaroid in Back to the Future.

      • publiusr

        That would be perfect. I can easily see Babylon 5 as an extension from the Universe of 2001.

  • Bob

    One thing i have never understood about Space Station 5 was where did the Aries 1B dock? It had hangers at either end of the axis for space planes but the 1B was round like a big ping pong ball. So where did it dock for passenger and cargo transfer? Or was it a case of poetic license by Kubrick?

  • Many years ago you proposed writing a view of the space program circa 2001 from the pen of Dr. Heywood Floyd, with the late 1960s as the point of divergence. I’ve always hoped you’d return to that project, and in the meantime this effort is really impressive. We can see there’s an awful lot of work involved to get to this point.

    • Anonymous

      > Many years ago you proposed writing…

      Yup. This is something of an outgrowth of that aborted effort. It’ll be a lot better than that would’ve been. That one flopped because I was slow… I had wanted to have it ready before 2001, but failed ; and when it was clear that I wouldn’t get it done in time, my interest evaporated.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad you stuck with the 1000′ diameter. Figuring the radius of the outermost deck at 490′, a spin of 1 rpm gives a person standing in front of HoJos a perceived “downward” acceleration of almost exactly 1/6 G, which is what you’d want for a lunar transit station. Kudos.

  • Herp McDerp

    That timeline. Right there. That’s the one I want to live in.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry.You’re stuck with this one.

  • Stephen Miller

    Will you be doing some sort of “alternate history” regarding SS 5 and its technical description and in relation to the alt-2001 universe in the form of a timeline or chronology?

  • Yolanda

    I’m currently working on a Uni assignment and I was hoping you would be able to point out where Dr Floyd enters the Space Station (the area with the circular couch). Also, would you have / know where I could find a floor plan of this area including the ‘Documentation’ section? Thank you!