Feb 272013

Where I live is not under the normal commercial airline routes, so jetliners tend to stand out, especially when they are relatively low. Earlier today I saw what appeared to be a white 747 flying fairly low over the area; I took the rather unimpressive photos below. It’s *not* a 747; instead it’s a 707/RC-135 derivative with great big turbofans and *things* under the wingtips. Any ideas? It seemed to be flying from nowhere to nowhere, heading northeast, probably going north of Logan. *Perhaps* aiming for Logan airport.


Dsc_4504 Dsc_4496 Dsc_4482 Dsc_4481 Dsc_4478b

UPDATE: First comment mere moments after posting seemed to nail it: E-6 Mercury, flying command post. Given the role this plane fills, it’s just a little bit creepy to have it flying overhead.

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  • Jason C
  • Anonymous

    Hmm, does Looking Glass still fly 24/7?

  • Roberta X

    My first thought was “Looking Glass, Looking Glass…” Radio guys still talk about hearing that used in the clear as a callsign, way back when.

  • xvdougl

    No doubt preparing to leave insidious vapor trails!!