Feb 172013

From the Deutsches Museum, a 1933 illustration by Rudolf Nebel illustrating trajectories, distances and flight times for “Rocket Torpedoes.” Presumably this is for civilian rocket transport rather than military payloads, given destinations such as Rome, Zurich and Wein. But within a few short years, this sort of chart would take on a whole new meaning.

rocket torpedoes

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  • publiusr

    Apropos of nothing, I sometimes wonder what would have happened had von Braun been captured by the Soviets. I can almost see him as a mediator between Korolyov and Glushko, perhaps smoothing over the differences.

    I understood that von Braun’s design ethos was actually closer to theirs than Balloon-tank Bossart’s

    Here it was always about shrinking the payload–there it was about making the rocket bigger.

    It actually might have made for a better match.

  • fightingirish

    IMHO the payload would have been letters, postcards and dépêches diplomatique. Well, not so a great idea, when I remember men of that time like Außenminister von Ribbentropp.