Feb 172013

After going to no small effort to save the life of a miserable, abused and wrecked cat that I didn’t know and had no responsibility for, I am a little sensitive to the notion of people who go a different direction on such matters. For, example, this:


Note: Disturbing photos at the link.

The four Swedish citizens responsible for this have been tentatively identified as Hamza Tchaki, Youssef Ben Ali, Kuorbam Uomama, Firas Mani.

Yeah. One wonders if there might be some common link between these guys.

It looks as if there were at least two cats that these “gentlemen” tortured and beheaded.

There’s much more that I’d like to say, but somehow I don’t think that most of it would be terribly productive.

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  • philo_t

    I’ve heard tell that /b/ doesn’t take kindly to people who abuse their totem animal.
    I have no problem with these guys getting a comprehensive reeducation.

  • Herp McDerp

    There is one — count it, one — widespread religion that actually encourages sociopaths. And I don’t care whether its founder liked cats or not, he was a sociopath as well.

    • amirali

      so where do all the christian murderers come from? or the jewish ones?

    • amirali

      you are ignorant and stupid, you are wrong. you don’t know enough about what you’re talking of.

  • Anonymous

    I like cats, but I’d kill, skin and eat my every one of my cats if my life or the lives of my family members depended upon it. (Thankfully, such a scenario is unlikely to be realized.)

    I have no problem with killing animals humanely for their flesh, fur, skin, etc. But torturing an animal for the sheer sake of cruelty is something I will not tolerate,

    I am not a believer in animal rights, I do believe that God has given us animals for our use, not for our abuse, and that we have a duty to Him to treat them with respect. To fail in this duty is to insult the God who placed animals on this earth for our benefit, and I believe His justice will not fail when it comes to those who do so,

  • sferrin

    I still think we should have retired our B53 stockpile over Afghanistan and Pakistan. The world would be a better place. But hey, that’s just me. “Religion of Peace” my ass.

    • General Zhukov

      That wouldn’t have done anything but made martyrs.

      The solution, which should have been obvious, was to attack the culture. We have a lot of experience in culture changing having done it to ourselves over the last 50 years. Except in the case of Afghanistan etc etc the process should have been speeded up. Distribute small solar powered TV/radios far and wide. Even in the remotest hellhole starting 10 years ago. Begin programming good wholesome Islamic stuff and when you get an audience, start moving the goal posts towards western values. Find the respected Islamic fundy teachers and manufacture scandals – discredit them in the eyes of the faithful while praising reformers. Combine information and entertainment in little morality plays favoring western values. Move slow but constantly while keeping it entertaining enough so the audience would be hooked.

    • amirali

      yo did Muslims attack you? no! you attacked them! stop being an ignorant republican!