Feb 142013

This afternoon I received word that the surgery had gone well and that she could be picked up. At the vet’s office she was alert and annoyed at being put back into her carrier. When I brought her home I put her back into the bathroom she originally inhabited… with no other cats to annoy her, it’s my hope she’ll just rest and recuperate.

1) She got spayed.

2) They removed several “cystic” tumors, which do not appear to be malignant.

3) They removed one of the BB’s.

Shortly after she settled back onto her pad in the bathroom, a very disturbing change came over her. Her eyes dilated to  full expansion, while fluctuating rapidly; the eyes themselves began to rapidly vibrate. She lay collapsed on her side and immobile, then began to make a *horrible* sound of utter agony, and was unresponsive. I figured that it was The End. But… she pooped. Her innards were a distended mess *before* the operation; now she was having to push out something Extra Big past actual structural damage. It could have only been sheer agony. When she was done she just lay there. For about ten minutes she was just completely wiped out.  When she finally came to, it was clear that she was just exhausted. In the couple hours since, she’s perked up a bit. Looks like she’s going to be ok.





Here’s the BB.

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  • Sferrin

    Hang in there Marvin.

  • Herp McDerp

    The poor thing has been through a lot. I hope this means that with time and good care she’ll mellow out and be more tolerant of your other cats. If I’d been through what she’s been through, I’d be … irritable … too.

  • joel

    Thank you, sir.

  • Anonymous

    C’mon Marvin, get better and show Daffy who’s boss.

  • publiusr

    Bless that baby.