Feb 102013

B-5 was a great show (if you think otherwise, you’re wrong). But for a show from the *relatively* recent past (ran 1993-1998… holy crap, 20 years ago), it’s actors have been keeling over at a rapid pace, the most recent just a few days ago.

Robin Sachs died a few days ago, played a number of aliens… Narns Na’Tok, Na’Kal; Minbari Coplann and Hedronn

Turhan Bey, played the Centauri emperor, died in September 2012.

Michael O’Hare, who played the station commander Jeffrey Sinclair for the first season, died in September 2012, two days before Bey.

Jeff Conaway, played Zack Allen, died in May, 2011

Johnny Sekka, played Dr. Kyle in “The Gathering” pilot, died September, 2006.

Andreas Katsulas, played the inestimable G’Kar, died February, 2006

Tim Choate (Zathras) died in September, 2004.

Richard Biggs, played Doctor Franklin, died May, 2004

Paul Winfield, played Doc Franklin’s dad, died March, 2004





The Babylon 5 cast in their prime.

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  • DJF

    Not unexpected. After all Babylon 5 was built so close to Epsilon 3 and the Great Machine is not something to be trifled with.

  • DeanHFox

    Great show. Just read Claudia Christian’s (“Susan Ivanova”) autobiopic “Babylon Confidential”, and it seems we almost lost her to alcohol abuse, as well. However, on the “good news” front, creator JMS and Patricia Tallman (“Lyta Alexander”) have apparently paired up personally and professionally. Pat’s book “Pleasure Thresholds” was a fun read, as well — seems like it was a pretty happy cast & crew, apparently a rarity in the days when it was being filmed.

  • LordJim

    I like that Mira and Jason are not actually giving the finger; rather keeping with their characters. Jurasik, too, is very much keeping in character.

    I am guessing you are a fan of Jerry Doyle’s radio show.

    • kittycat

      no they are doing the hail helios,-apollyon(beast from the pit) the same as the middle saturn finger, or the pointy in fact they are all showing the same loyalty to satan………wake up before its to late.

  • Herp McDerp

    I’m pleased to note that Stephen Furst is still with us. He’d been having trouble with diabetes; that was one reason he’d lost so much weight during the series.

    • Kyle William

      Stephen Furst just died the other day June 2017 at age 63.

  • RedScarab

    Jerry Doyle

  • Ian Holdsworth

    Sadly you can add Jerry Doyle (Mr Garabaldi) to the list

  • proctologsOfZion

    And a few days ago, July 2016 – Mr. Garibaldi too. RIP Jerry Doyle.

  • Hank Murphy

    Add Jerry Doyle to that list

  • harkeill

    What bullshit this article is. Those who actually watched the series and read about the actors and actresses would know that in most cases, they died because of simple old age, as many of them were old when Babylon 5 started. To simply highlight the main characters is nothing short of shoddy journalism.

    • Mark Lerseth

      most died in their 60s which is not old age by today’s standard

  • Kyle William

    I’m sorry to say that Stephen Furst just died the other day June 2017 at age 63.