Feb 072013

A few days back a blizzard came through and dumped a foot or so of snow. Not newsworthy, but I did find one thing odd: yellow snow. Normally, the presence of  such indicates nothing more than a now-empty critter-bladder. But this snow was yellow with no evidence of footprints, and went yards overhead. Clearly, the snow must have leeched the yellow color out of the wood poles… but I’ve no idea what or how.

Dsc_3792 Dsc_3795

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  • Davros

    It’s the zinc in the galvanized wire and nails.

  • Anonymous

    Acid snow.

  • Christopher James Huff

    Where were the poles *before* you put them up?

    • Anonymous

      Ummm… Pole Land. I guess. It’s been some years since they were erected. I noticed a similar yellow snow on other wood poles, but nothing near this pronounced.

  • LordJim

    Call the history channel.

  • Herp McDerp

    Algae? Like watermelon snow, but yellow? But then why would it be on the poles and not on the ground?

    I don’t suppose you tasted it, did you? ;^)

  • Anonymous

    It’s the creosote (coal-tar) wood preservative leaching out.

    Seen this many times as I grew up on a ranch with lots of creosote treated fence posts and utility poles.

    Creosote was also used an antiseptic and “liniment” on horses and cattle.

    It’s sort of a greenish/yellow liquid in the can.

    • Anonymous

      > It’s the creosote (coal-tar) wood preservative leaching out.

      I figured it would have to be something like this, but these poles have been stuck int he ground for *years.* Snow and rain are not exactly new experiences for ’em, you’d think they’d be all leeched-out by now.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a nice color image of a pole leaching out into wet sandy soil:


    Naturally, the enviros and EPA are wringing their hands over this. It’s a classic case of environmental trade-offs. You have to balance the safety factor of wooden structures being sound for up to 30yr vs. the odds of some retard eating the yellow snow or building his garden with old rail road ties.

    No doubt – the EPA will come down on the side of the retards.

  • publiusr

    Even spring-heeled jack has to relieve himself–the Jersey devil on the wing 😉