Feb 062013

You know, if you’re an artist and you donate a large piece to a city, and that city gives it to another city which then decides not to display it due to liability concerns (instead keeping it in a municipal storage lot next to the garbage cans), and then someone comes along and chops it off at the ankles to sell it for scrap, and the theft isn’t noticed until an annual inventory, and not reported to the police for three months, and even though it’s insured for $175K the city decides not to pursue the insurance claim because it’s not worth the bother and the $10K deductible… well, that gotta kinda hurt.

Giant aluminum sculpture missing in Orlando, presumed scrapped



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  • Herp McDerp

    Heh. At least someone got some good out of it. In the San Diego area there have been works of “public art” that were actually removed due to popular demand. First there was “Split Pavilion,” which obstructed and defiled an ocean view. In the artist’s words: “the work deals with the psychology and the sociology of the space, which ultimately is the politics of the space” … That should be a clue right there. Politics settled it when the city of Carlsbad held a vote and decided to dismantle it. Then there was “Okeanos,” known locally as the “dinosaur turd.” That one was ultimately moved to a place where it can’t easily be seen. Both solutions cost money.

  • Rick

    that’s what ya get for “arting” in public lol

  • publiusr

    Here is a link to the piece–it shows a falling man.



    I fear that one day, rockets will bee see as male domination–a penetration of nature, and rocket parks demolished.