Feb 052013

A North Korean propaganda video:


Where we get:
1) Muzak version of “We Are The World”
2) A dream sequence of a Nork soldier going into space…
3) On a “space shuttle” rendered on, apparently, mid-1980’s computer rendering technology
4) Images of a unified Korea
5) A nuclear strike on New York City


UPDATE: Trying again with a different source for the video…


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  • Foo

    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Activision Games Inc.”

    So many levels of fail……….

    — Foo Quuxman

  • So, has anyone translated the text yet?

  • Michel Van

    ha ha you were fooled
    that “propaganda Video” is from Video Game HOMEFRONT
    were North Korea invades the USA
    defacto is this a US american propaganda Video by THQ…

    • Anonymous

      Not so. The reason why Activision filed a copyright complaint is because he North Korean propagandists who made this video spliced in scenes of New York getting trashed from the video game “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.” But the video remains the product of North Korea, for reasons that make sense only to them.


  • Michel Van

    The Belgium TV news, got the Video in there hands and translate it
    After there information comes this video form http://WWW.URIMINZOKKIRI.COM

    To message:
    it about man who dreams, that he launch into Space with Unha-9 rocket.
    he see Earth from space and how the USA destroys there Self ! (civil war ?)
    “It looks that source of all Evil [USA] burnt down there self”
    that one day North and South Korea will be reunite
    and that his dream become reality, even how much the imperialist antagonize agains it

  • publiusr

    In the very early images of the rocket–we see what looks like an R-7 Soyuz launcher.

    Oh well, it’s nice to see folks interested in space worldwide. This was heaven sent for missile defense advocates here.

    I think their new leader is actually a bit better on some things. Now, he has to play up the anti-West theme, but the very music itself shows the saturation of a more open culture.

    There was a scene of the image Londo Mollari hovering over Centauri Prime. He gave a rather confrontational speech, but then explained to Sheridan why he had to do it.

    From the wiki:

    “Before Londo officially became Emperor Mollari II, he confided in his
    now ex-bodyguard, Ambassador G’Kar, that ‘When we met, I had no power
    and all the choices I could ever want. Now I have all the power I could
    ever want and no choices at all.’

    Any leader of the DPRK will face that prison. Not even the leader is free. He will have to say things, but perhaps, there is a hint of change.